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Vocation to improve


Three-dimensional, self-monitoring

High-precision quality control.

Since 2018, we have had a fully air-conditioned room with a Mitutoyo Crysta Apex-S 3D machine in our premises. A high-precision CNC coordinate measuring machine that guarantees our customers excellent quality control. The measuring range is 505 x 705 x 405 mm and we can check from prototypes and single parts to production runs. We offer customers the possibility of having the dimensional file of the part.



Special works

We offer our customers the possibility of machining a single unit so they can check whether the project or the product is suitable for their specific needs before carrying out large production runs. With our experience, we help and advise the customer on the possibilities and alternatives to improve the end result. This can be achieved thanks to our machining centres and manual lathes.



Short series / Long series / Turning workpieces

We adapt to the productions requested by the customer. We have machining centres, CNC lathes and 5-axis CNC lathes for small and large production runs. Some of these are equipped with bar loaders that help us to optimise our working time. All lathes are connected to the Top Solid Cad/Cam software, which allows the machining of 2D and 3D parts.



All types of rigid and plastic materials

Our experience in the sector allows us to provide machining for all types of rigid materials such as aluminium, steel, iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium, bronze, etc… and other plastic materials such as nylon, Teflon, Vulkollan, polystyrene, PVC, fibreglass, etc..


Treatments, finishes and/or assembly of parts

Completely finished piece

In our facilities we have a section for the assembly of parts. We can also make small welds and deal with Vulkollan coating. On the other hand, we collaborate with treatment and/or finishing companies such as zinc plating, painting, sandblasting, nitriding… We follow the instructions indicated in each diagram, so the customer has nothing to worry about.


Sheet metal and welding

Cutting, folding, bending..

This section allows us to be more self-sufficient. We buy the entire sheet and we can do everything our customer needs, such as cutting, bending and folding. We can weld both sheets and other parts that have to be machined previously or subsequently and form part of an assembly.



Cutting and machining of aluminium profiles

In 2021 we acquired a profile cutting saw. This machine can make cuts at both right angles and any other degree inclination. Once the cuts have been made, if necessary, we can machine the part. This machine allows us to be self-sufficient and competitive in today’s market.